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Peter Muller is a mixing and mastering engineer, based out of Germany, Europe, where he works for independent artists and labels worldwide. He lives for quality in audio, using the best of the digital and analog world.

Peter has a diverse background in musical styles. As a professional bass player he toured internationally during the 1990's, playing in all kind of genres. Later on he released several albums as an artist with his own material, which brought him up into the jazz charts. WIth the turn of the millennium, Peter entered the pro audio studio world and started to dedicate himself to mixing and mastering. With his first studio, set up in 2000, he was an early explorer of full digital in-the-box music production, long before it became a standard in studios.


Today Peter owns a hybrid workspace with some of the finest mixing and mastering hardware, in order to bring back that analog flavour to the music, which we all know and love. As an engineer he is focused on technical quality and correctness, while bringing out the musical spirit of every song.

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