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High-end audio. Leveraging the best of both worlds.


Digital or analog? Both.

"With my high-end hybrid system clients get the best of both worlds.  The precision and clarity of the digital audio workstation, with plug-ins, editing functions and total recall, while also adding the analog warmth, that is so pleasing to the human ear. When it comes to mastering, a chain of the finest analog gear brings in-the-box mixes to life." 


 Peter Muller

Take your sound to the next level.

PM Mixing & Mastering is a mixing & mastering studio based in Germany, run by Peter Muller, who works as a mixing & mastering engineer for more than two decades. We are offering mixing & mastering for all genres and styles of music, using a high quality monitoring and signal processing chain, including carefully selected state-of-the-art analog equipment, and the finest software plug-ins. We can deliver your music in every digital format, to match all specifications of the various platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal). Aside from the digital world, we can also create pre-masters for vinyl cutting and cassette production. 

Let's work together. 

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Inside the studio

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